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 – awaiting the great collapse –


improvised music solo

prepared and unprepared piano/inside piano/hyperpiano

“awaiting the great collapse” out for plus timbre, jun 2016

– forefront –


based on improvised music

“chaos magnum” out for auand records, sep 2014

“life inconvenience” out for plus timbre, feb 2017

[antonio raia_tenor sax  2014/2015]


jack d’amico_prepared/unprepared piano, rhodes

umberto lepore_bass, double bass

marco castaldo_drums

– death roars –



“death roars” out for desuonatori, aug 2015


jack d’amico_rhodes, piano

walter forestiere_drums

– last man standing –



drummer changes at every exhibition


antonio raia_tenor/baritone sax

jack d’amico_bass

beside I’m a founding member of the crossroads improring collective and I take part in the orchestra elettroacustica officina arti soniche conducted by elio martusciello.